Saturday, 6 October 2007

Understanding The Rising Sun

Weekend exercise - let's see what we make out of this combination.

1. Stitch no. 3 merges into stitch no. 2, so this will be a decrease. Stitch no 2 is the longest one, so it's a LEFT leaning decrease. Looks like a right leaning decrease but it's NOT. Just watch for the longest line.

2. Stitch no 1 and the decrease are crossing each other - this means we are dealing with a cable.

3. The first stitch has that small horizontal line underneath, which means Purl.

So, in real life that's what we've got to do:

-Drop stitch no 1 at the back, on a cable needle

- Slip, knit, pass over

- Yarn over

- Purl the stitch from the cable needle.

Was this easy or what?

I found this symbol on fleegle's blog here:


I thought it was very well explained (I specially enjoyed the Rising Sun story :)) - if you want to understand more about Japanese knitting symbols make sure you don't miss it.

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