Saturday, 5 July 2008

Elegance Knit Cover - Episode 3: The Math

I needed to resize and go up a bit, so I just added two more rows of twisted stitches at each side. One row is over 3 stiches.

This gave me 144 + 6x2 = 144 + 12 = 156 stitches. It measures 49 cm unblocked and I hope to go to 53cm after washing and blocking.

And here it is what I've managed in about 6 rainy days.

A closeup.

The pattern is easier than I thought. Each side of the butterfly has one yo and one decrease in each row and it's quite obvious where to place them, as the pattern flows in continuous lines.

I am using Addi Lace needles and they are GREAT for the job, with all these twisted stitches. Do not even think of attempting this pattern or anything similar without lace needles.

Thursday, 3 July 2008


Finished the leaf white top.

and the indoor shot.

Easy knit, easy pattern.

Zarina is a bit too thin for this pattern and doesn't give much 'body' - I should have gone for a DK weight yarn but overall it's not very bad.