Saturday, 20 October 2007

Japanese scarf - Episode 2 - D

Finally finished all A, B and C segments.

(If you read this and feel like not quite understanding what's all this about, you might want to check this post first.)

We are ready for the first D. Pick up 31 stitches along the C. I've switched again to a different colour - otherwise just keep knitting with the same yarn.

Fig. 1 - Ready to start Row 1

Work in pattern. D is a sequence of short rows. In order to avoid the holes at the end of these rows I've used the YO short row method. Every time you encounter a circle symbol in the chart, just make a YO, then ignore them on the next row.

Fig. 2 - Beginning Row 5 with an YO (RS)

After row 16, I ended up with 3 YOs on each side, marked by pins.

In the last two rows (15 and 16) you will have to work the YOs together with the next stitch. This will close the gaps.
Next, remove the provisional cast-on at the end of C - recover the live stitches and knit until you reach the border with B.

Pick up 31 stitches along B and make another D.

Carry on like this - knitting along the edges and filling all required D segments.

Cast off and voila. One tinny colourful scarf :).

I left out the crochet border out of two reasons: one is that I can't crochet, the other is that I feel I had enough of this scarf :).

It was entertaining and I should not forget to say THANK YOU Judith and May for helping with the translation and THANK YOU Joan for explaining the circle.

What else did I do apart from knitting?

Well, we've had a brilliant day today so we've just tried to make the most out of it, by going for a long walk along the reservoirs in Marsden, in West Yorkshire, the very heart of the Rowan empire.

What you get in return is Autumn at its best.

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