Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Pattern 7 from Let's Knit 12

Hi, I'm fbz, I'm new here and I have a quick question. If anyone has Let's Knit 12 and perhaps can understand the yardage requirements and/or needle size, gauge, etc., I am going to attempt to swatch for pattern 7 (shown above). I received yesterday both Let's Knit 12 and Let's Knit Start Series Mittens/Gloves (which is amazing by the way, it is pictorially very clear if you are interested in basic beginner glove construction). I don't speak or read Japanese, but I would love to learn. Thanks for any and all tips on the gauge and needle and yarn requirements for pattern 7. It does look quite a bit like the scale lace pattern of Pomatomus, but I am also eager to swatch the border to see how it looks.

edited to add the yarn requirement section of the pattern (click for large view):

Cheers from Berlin, Germany,


Silvia said...

Hi Fabienne,
and welcome to the KAL.
The pattern is gorgeous. I am still witing for my book ( and I guess others are as well). Could you post a picture with the pattern section describing the requirements?
It looks to me it's a fingering/DK weight (?) - but we really need to see the book first.

let us know how it goes with the first swatch.
best wishes,

Fabienne said...

thanks Silvia, i added in the requirement section of the pattern.

Silvia said...

Hi Fabienne,

I would say the fortht bullet will give us the gauge:

27 stitches x 31 rows = 10 x 10 cm

I think you should swatch in pattern A (there is a letter A in the sentence) but I'm not sure.

I would say you need a sport/DK yarn, then swatch & measure and resize based on your size.

Needle size 6 = 4mm.

I've asked my Japanese group in Ravelry to help with an exact translation - I will keep you updated if I get any reply :).
good luck and please post more picture as you advance - the pattern is beautiful.

Silvia said...

I got a proper translation - thanks a lot ladies on Ravelry.

First bullet is the yarn name and type (regular silk mohair). The color is purple 116, and you need 350g or 9 skeins.

The balls are 120m to 40g. The size in the book requires 350 g of yarn, so you'd need 1050m plus some for safety.

Second bullet are the needle sizes. If 4 means the same as 4/0, that would be 3.3mm, closest US size is 3. 6/0 is 3.9mm, between a US5 and US6.

Third bullet has the dimensions of the garment.

Fourth bullet is gauge for 10x10cm (or 4x4") - 27 stitches and 31 rows with the Japanese size 6 needle in pattern A.

Fifth bullet has the general construction directions, but most of it can be figured out from the diagram (e.g. body knitted with size 6 needle, waist switch to size 4).

Here is a link for the original yarn: