Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Japanse scarf - Episode 1 - ABC

We recently had an interesting discussion on the group, about this scarf construction, and no way could I understand it unless actually knitting the bloody thing.

Let's start with the beginning. This is the scarf. Picture courtesy of Rochelle.

The pattern is published in the Let's knit Series #3; the links to the book, both for YesAsia and Amazon Japan, are published on the right side of the KAL main page - just scroll down a bit and you'll see them.

The scarf has an amazing architecture and it's meant to be done in one go - if you feel you need to break off the yarn between segments be sure you're doing something wrong !

Step 1. First segment, which is called A.
I've started with a provisional cast-on which is not in the chart by the way. At the time I thought I'm smarter then the designer - realised later it was not the case. Anyway - it's not crucial - both ways you'll be fine.
No challenge afterwards, just work in pattern.
I broke off the yarn when I finished the casting off row and that's only because I was changing the colours. Otherwise just carry on using the same yarn.

Step 2. Starting the second segment - B
Pick up 31 stitches from the left edge of A and carry on with the B segment chart. (Or pick up 30 and use the last loop of your cast off). Just make sure you've got 31 stitches.
I always slip the first stitch of each row so I had exactly 31 stitches along the edge.

And, by the way, the segments stitch patterns are identical.

If everything goes according to the plan, one hour later you'll be the proud owner of two segments : A and B.

You might notice I've broken off the yarn again - Only because I'm using a different colour next !

Otherwise leave it there and move towards the next step.

Step 3. Starting C

Start with a provisional crochet chain cast on. This will give you 31 loops on your left needle. Carry on using the same yarn ! and knit the first RS row. Now you've got B and C linked together at the bottom (see bellow). It's where I've got that knot between yellow and blue.
Knit the WS and turn. You are here.

Step 4 - Linking the C and B again.

Before beginning Row 3, transfer the SECOND stitch from the bottom from the B edge, on your left needle.

Begin the third row working the k2tog : the blue stitch and the yellow stitch, then just work in pattern for Row 3 and Row 4.

Getting ready to start Row 5 now.

Again - transfer the next edge stitch on your left needle and start with a k2tog.

Carry on like this - making sure to link the parts together with these k2togs, at the beginning of each RS row, picking up every single stitch from the B cast-off edge.

That's all. Next is another B, then another C and so on - till you reach the end of the pattern chart.
And then again, after finishing the last C - do not break off the yarn but move to the next step - The Ds.
This is to come in the next episode : maybe tomorrow.

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Sandy said...

Amazing. Thank you. Seeing the segments in different colors was extremely helpful.