Monday, 1 October 2007

FO: #11 - No. 3 Shawl

Finally finished, wet and currently being blocked. Notice anything different?

Yes, the edging. This is one huge shawl as it stands 200 x 103 cm , and I don't really like the original edging anyway. So I stopped after Row 166 and knitted the traditional scalloped edging.

My thoughts on knitting this shawl:

  1. It's easier on my eyes, copy & enlarge the charts. I marked the row numbers after Row 49 all the way to 145.
  2. Beware of K2tog's & SSK's on chart 2, especially row 43 & 45. I have made a number of errors, although I managed to fix them without having to rip out stitches.
  3. While knitting, be sure that you could knit without being disturbed. Row counter & life line certainly would help. Since I did not use life line. there were times I feared that I might have to frog the whole thing.

As my next project (for work) will take me to York, England starting Oct. 6 for 5 weeks, return to Canada for 1 week and then back to York again for 5 and a half weeks for the remainder of the year, as well as other obligations, I will not be knitting any Japanese design till around Xmas time.

However, I will check e-mails and visit this KAL daily so that I would feel I still belong.


Silvia said...

the shawl is gorgeous. Have a great time in England, we'll be waiting for a picture with you, the shawl and York Cathedral.

best wishes,

Terry said...

What a beautiful piece of work. You have done a marvellous job on this project!

PenCraft said...

I can't believe you thought you would need to frog this while it was a work in progress. It is stunning! Lovely work.

Laura said...

This is just gorgeous, Margaret.

Margaret said...

Hi All,

You are all too kind.
I do love my shawl!! :)

Haiku said...
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