Thursday, 31 May 2007

Let's Knit Series #8 - Cover Sweater - Progress

Just thinking to post some progress pictures.

I expect the pattern to open up a bit after washing and blocking.
Both parts have the same size and I am going to stop here for the moment, till I get my books - as I think I need to start shaping for the sleeves now.
The yarn is lovely - if it's going to survive the washing test, I will definitely buy it again.

Now - this is a small part of my chart - just to show you that there aren't any major challenges in the pattern.

One repeat of the pattern is over 16 stitches and 30 rows - as shown at the bottom of the chart.

The background is always left blank - and every chart in this book will tell you at the bottom of the chart how to knit the blank squares (in case you can't just figure it out by looking at the associated swatch :)).

In my case, I'm purling all the blank squares (the horizontal line after the '=' sign stands for Purl) .
And more about Japanese knitting symbols here:


Laritza said...

Beautiful! I received my books, now I have to decide and swatch.

Irene said...

Silvia, this is beautiful!

--Deb said...

Absolutely gorgeous....

Christy said...

I finally have the 250 patterns book and am now waiting for yarn to arrive to work along with you! It is soooo beautiful I can't wait to start!

blÄggdama said...

I bought some of this books, and there is absolutely no explainations whatsoever so I was very happy when I found yoyr blog and the link for the Japanese signs.
Thanks a lot :)

Betty said...

I am so excited to find this website, Japanese Knitting is so easy to understand by their images.
I am so crazy with Japanese Knitting.

Betty said...

Japanese Knitting is the most easy way to learn from their images