Tuesday, 15 May 2007

How to Join, Post and Blogging Rules

How to join Knitting Elegance

- Make sure you want to knit a garment out of the Let's Knit Series or Elegance Knit (Let's Knit Series #11).
- If your choice is a new project, you will be opening the way, so please
be prepared to assist others and answer all comments, questions etc. in
your posts.
- Have you got the pattern, the yarn and are you ready to swatch?

If the answer is YES to all of the above, send an email to sbutnarasu at yahoo.com, I'll send you an invitation.

How to Post on the KAL

Once you've joined and your Blogger ID is in the Contributors list, on the KAL main page, you are ready to post.

1. First 'Sign in', by clicking the link at the top of the page.

2. Fill in your username/password, then click the 'SIGN IN' Button.

3. Click 'New Post' in order to create a new post or 'Manage Posts' in order to change, delete etc. old posts.

4. The 'Add Image' feature is in the tool bar - see bellow.

Blogging Rules

1. Posts should only be related to your project.
2. Any general questions ( asking for help in understanding a pattern,
translations etc.) should be posted as a comment, to the General Enquires post or to a specific project post.

3. Please label your posts, at least with the name of your pattern book : Knitting Patterns Book 250, Let's Knit Series #no, etc.

4. Please go back frequently and update your posts, adding all new things you've discovered or learnt, in order to help others to understand the pattern.

How to use the KAL button on your Blog

Insert a new page element of 'HTML/Java script' type.

Copy this code bellow in the content field:

<a href="http://knittingelegance.blogspot.com/">
border="0" width="135" src="http://photos1.blogger.com/x/blogger2/7476/1118569129936119/170/z/568616/gse_multipart53345.jpg" height="85"/>

Save the page element.

New Button for Knitting in Japan Yahoo Group.

Feel free to download it.

Thank You and
Happy Knitting

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