Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Let's Knit Series #8 - Cover Sweater - Part 1

Look, this is the beauty I'm going to try next, as the first entry of this blog.

It is the cover sweater from Let's Knit Series #8.
I haven't got the book yet but the chart is published in Knitting Patterns Book 250, first book in our list, so I've already started swatching, measuring and calculating.

That's my progress up to now.

Yarn : Debbie Bliss Cathay - very nice and soft cotton blend, unfortunately it does split like hell.
Needles : 3.75 mm
Pattern : based on the chart no 152, from Knitting Patterns Book 250, page 72.

First row (RS) : purl
Second row (WS): knit
Third row (RS) : start working in chart pattern.

I am doing 7 repeats of the pattern + 2 extra stitches for the edges = 115 stitches and this measures approx. 50 cm.

My gauge was 22 stitches = 10 cm in stockinette - obviously you'll need to swatch in the pattern as well.

The chart is very easy: just plain knitting, decreases (k2tog and ssk stitches) and yos.
The symbols are well explained and illustrated in the book appendix.

The only challenge with this pattern is that you work in pattern on both RS and WS - so there will be no relaxing times in between rows.


mindfulknitting said...

That is such a beautiful sweater. And a wonderful yarn you chose as well.

Karen said...

Lovely pattern -- do you anticipate making any style changes, or will you be knitting from the pattern 'as is'?

Silvia said...


the yarn is lovely but it does split badly; don't dare drop one stitch - otherwise you'll spend ages to recover the whole of it :).

I haven't got the the pattern, I could not find the book online anymore, so all I've got is this image of the cover :).
I found the chart though, it's in 'The Knitting Patterns 250', as most of the patterns from Let's Knit Series books.

So this one it's going to be 'free style' and I will probably only shape for the sleeves.

Joanne said...

I'd love to make the sweater, but seller at Amazon.jp won't ship to my address - I'm assuming it's because it's in the US.

Hopefully I'll find a copy in the future, or else I'll work on my own version using the stitch book.

Isn't it a pretty sweater?

Silvia said...

Hi Joanne,

unfortunately the book does not seem to be available online any more.
I'm using the Stitch dictionary 250 as well, and it's nicely coming along...

I think the top is so nice and elegant - what I love most is the way they are designing the neck line and the passage between the ribbibg and the body pattern.
I can't wait to see it finished :).

bw, Silvia

KnittenJen said...

I look forward to begining this also. I have received confirmation that my 250 stitches book is on the way!

I am nit sure that I will be making this sweater exactly as is. It looks so lovely on the model, but then she is so lithe that she can probably wear anything. I have a short-er neck and a fuller chest so the high neckline just isn't my friend anymore!