Monday, 14 May 2007

Japanese books - where to buy them from

Amazon Japan

Use the Links list, published on the right of the KAL home page, in order to see some of the books in the 'Let's Knit Series', on Amazon Japan.
Order them directly from them, or copy the ISBN number and search them in other shops.


Click the button above to get to YesAsia website, then search in Books by ISBN number or by keywords. 'Knit' is a good keyword to start with.
The website is all in English and they offer free delivery for most of the books.


Carol said...

YesAsia is out of stock on #11. Does anyone know who has it available now? Carol

Silvia said...

Hi Carol,

the book is still available on Amazon Japan.
You've got a shortcut towards this book on the KAL front page.
The thing with Amazon Japan is that they'll charge you a flat rate ( I think is 2800 yen for USA and 3400 for Europe ) per order and 300 yen per each book - which means it is a good idea to get more books at once...that's how I went broken last month :).

Anonymous said...

HMV Japan ( has most of the books, and I find the shipping is cheaper than Amazon and YesAsia. It's where I buy all of my knitting books! Hope that helps with some of the expensive shipping from sites~.