Friday, 9 May 2008

Elegance Knits again

I am absolutely obsessed with this top and I'm desperately trying to find out the original yarn.

For those of you who asked, the book is called Elegance Knits, Let's knit series 11 and it's listed on this page, on the right side, where all the other books are, - with links in Amazon JP and YesAsia.

Here are the requirements

hopefully somebody will help me translate this.

Up to now I've tried Rowan 4 ply soft - too thin, Zarina - didn't like the twist in the twisted stitches, Debbie Bliss cotton blend - too splitty... call me fussy, but I need to get this right as I will be probably knitting it for the rest of my life :).


fleegle said...

The yarn translates as:

Daiya Tasmanian Merino, 100% wool.
40 grams = 120 meters.
Gauge is 22-23 stitches, 30-32 rows on Japanese size 5-6 needles.

Yuzawaya doesn't carry it in their on-line store and I can't seem to find anyone else who does either.

You might try Crescent Trading and see if they can find it.

fleegle said...

Ah, here you go. You will have to go through Crescent Trading to buy it unless you know someone in Japan who can get it for you.

Mairwen said...

Is that book available anywhere? That cover sweater is gorgeous...but I can't locate the book online.