Sunday, 17 February 2008

Shawl #3

Finally, after nine months, I finished my shawl.

This is Shawl #3 from the Let's Knit Book 11.

I started it last May, and just finished it this week . . . and even that would have taken a lot longer if I hadn't eliminated two of the pattern repeats (grin).

The yarn was Zephyr's silk/wool in color, "Curry." I used JUST over one skein. (As in, about 3 yards of yarn from the second skein--just enough to bind-off the last 30 or so stitches.

I'm relieved to have this done (finally), but have enjoyed working on it . . . mostly. As much as I love the look and feel of Zephyr, we just don't really get along. (It's a long story.)

It sure came out pretty, though....



shortoldlady said...

Wow-congrats on a beautiful finish! The pattern is lovely. Wear it in good health!

yarnlot said...

Congratulations, it is really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This is very beautiful! congratulations on completing it!

Silvia said...

congratulations - it's lovely !

--Deb said...

Thanks everyone.

There's a mediocre picture of me modelling it on my blog today. Right here. You know, if you're interested! At least it gives an idea of the size of the shawl . . . and it's a good thing I left out those two pattern repeats, because it's the perfect size.


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