Saturday, 2 February 2008

Beautiful knits

I recently came across Ishi's Knitting Diary. Most of her patterns are from Japanese magazines and I thought they'll be a great inspiration for us. Just pay a visit and you'll be in for a treat.

With Ishi's permission, I will publish here her latest FO - this beautiful sweater - pattern from Let's Knit Series.

The motif is very similar with the one I've used for my white top - but heavily modified towards the neck line, in order to achive the overall decrease. Ingenios and elegant.


Rhonda said...

Yeah, I just found her blog too after she posted to the japanese knitting and crochet group on Ravelry. Her work IS really inspirational!

Ruby said...

This sweater is spectacular. There are several Let's Knit books. Which one specifically has this pattern. I would very much like to make it.

Debra said...

Yes, isn't it just gorgeous? Every detail from yoke to sleeve and bottom treatment is just fab.

I corresponded with Ishi via Ravelry, and she said the pattern was out of print! Apparently she was able to get the book in her public library--

Design; 志田ひとみ(Hitomi Shida)

Book; Let’s knit series クチュール・ニット5 『エレガンスニット』

ISBN-10: 4529034488 ISBN-13: 978-4529034487

Aim said...

That is very gorgeous!

BuBBle GuM KniTs! said...

Silvia: I started working on the stitch graph. The heart shape is similar to your white sweater but simplified. I referenced other stitches from the japanese 250 knit stitch book.

Page 107, #215 - eye + chain motif
Page 63, #134 -15 stitch leafs
Page 72, #151 - heart shape

I referenced Couture Knits #12, yoke sweater #9. Looks like downsizing the lace can be done by reducing stitches from the center of the heart/leaf motif.

I'll try and knit up a swatch and post to my blog next week.

I'm having trouble making out details of the smallest heart at the base of the neck. And if there are two bird eyesbefore the neck cast off. I posted to Ishi about these two questions.

BuBBle GuM KniTs! said...

Ishi has posted two new pictures in response to my request. Close up of the neck and yoke. (See her posting on January 31st.)

Anonymous said...

Ishi seems to have stopped knitting?! Her last entry is from 2009. Does anyone know why she stopped knitting? Shame, she is simply amazing!