Wednesday, 13 June 2007

More progress and decreases

I finally managed to finish the body - both parts, front and back - and I've started planning the neck band.
Just to say this again, I don't have the pattern book (and I gave up any hope to find the book anywhere online), so I'm doing my own thing here, just based on the pattern stitch from 250 Patterns Book. (Did I mention I love this stitch pattern? )

Right, and here's a progress picture.

I designed my own sleeve decrease (based on another similar top pattern from Elegant Knit), which in Japanese reverse engineering would look like this:

The Japanese decreases (or increases) are coded with an 'one off' number of stitches to start with (optional), followed by several 'three numbers' sequences.

The 'three numbers' sequence has the following meaning : first number shows how many rows to knit after the last decrease, second number represents the number of stitches to be decreased and the third one tells you how many times to execute this decrease instruction.

So 2-3-1 means : knit another 2 rows - decrease 3 stitches - do this operation 1 time(s).

I've done a detailed chart as well, just so we see what's happening in real life, row by row.


Karen said...

It's looking really nice so far!

Irene said...

This looks great, congratulations!!

Rachel said...

That is such a beautiful stitch pattern, and I'm in awe that you can figure out how to read those charts! Wow!

--Deb said...

That looks just amazing.... So, so pretty!