Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Lace Progress

I wouldn't want you to think that, just because I haven't posted in a week or two, that I haven't been working on my shawl. (Shawl #3 from "Elegance Knits" book 11, you'll remember.)

So, here's the progress photo. I'm about halfway through the first repeat of chart #2 . . . which basically means I've still got a long, long way to go, but it sure is looking pretty!


Silvia said...

Hi Deb,
it's coming along nicely !
I had a look at the chart this morning (I think I caught the shawl virus again)and I can't figure out how to start those first 7 stitches...
I did a Flower Basket a while ago and I remember a weird starting method :) - is it the same here?

--Deb said...

I just did a basic, knit-on cast-on for those 7 stitches. For so few stitches, it didn't really seem worth worrying about (grin).

Rodrigo said...

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Angele said...

Hi Deb. I am a newby Japanese knitter and am wanting to start the shawl as my first project. I have a few questions about how to start. Could I email you? My email address is angele underscore tx at hotmail dot com if you wouldn't mind me picking your brain.