Monday, 2 July 2007

Last Episode - The Sleeves

Finally finished the sleeves.

and this is my chart. I am not going to explain the chart - if you read the history of this sweater you should know the meaning of all these codes by now.
I replaced the 'x' in the chart with 8 (by matching the parts together in different stages) but obviously it should be calculated individually, based on your body part size. And expect to have to frog, so consider a lifeline at some point, towards the end of the sleeve.

As you can imagine, a lot of guessing was involved in this - as I never did this kind of curvy sleeves before. I'm so glad though I finally moved out of the rectangle knitting land :).
I sew everything together on Sunday, the sleeves are perfect, just that I'm not sure I'm totally pleased with the neckband, so I might take one repeat off tonight. Or add another one ... One way or another, we'll have an FO soon.


Judith said...

Silvia -

you've done a gorgeous job on this sweater on every level! Great charting on the sleeves. I'm going to swatch for the brown cardi in #11 shown on the blog. The architecture is interesting, there's a lot going on. I will probably need some help figuring it out!

Silvia said...

Oh, the brown one is lovely - as you can see quite high in my preferences as well :).
We'll figure it out - don't worry :).