Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Finally finished

I guess we all had enough stories about this sweater - this is the last post about it and time to move on.

Voila : finally done. I've enjoyed every minute of knitting it - loved the pattern and the yarn - and I can only hope the yarn will behave.

To be honest I finished it last week - just that I am always waiting for special occasions to inaugurate my knits.
Been lucky last weekend, and this is me modeling it, with the French Gendarmerie on the streets of London. You don't see this very often :).

And the special occasion was of course the start of the Tour de France competition.

We spent all weekend watching bits and pieces live, following them from start to finish and even going to Canterbury on Sunday for the second (and last) stage in England.

Here is another shot - doesn't show much of the sweater BUT the man in the black jacket in the back is the great champion Bernard Hinault - five times Tour de France winner in the 80s.

You can see I try to make justice to my knits and find them the best backgrounds possible :).
This is Sunday morning - the second stage departure from Trafalgar Square.


Laritza said...

Very pretty! I have too many things OTN. Have to finish up some before I cast on.

Karen said...

Silvia -- Very nice -- it's a very good fit too! Enjoy.

Marguerite said...

Beautiful! What an inspiration.

blÄggdama said...

Oh yes, it's very beautiful! You have done a great job - if such a lovely thing can be called work?
What a good idea to find a special occasion to photo it. But, had it been me ... well, I must confess I am not very interested in cycling then ;)
Very well done, I like to see what comes off your needles the next time :)

Silvia said...

Ladies, thank you for your nice words.
Just to explain my interest in cycling : my partner was a professional cyclist so I have no chance but to watch every single major competition:). I don't mind, it's such a beautiful scenary along the trail.

blaggdama, I love your flowers - I could browse your blogs to no end.

best wishes,

JL said...

I love the colour and it looks beautiful on you.

A very pretty piece of work.