Thursday, 27 September 2007

Understanding Leaves

This white top is one of the patterns from Let's Knit Series #3.

The book is still available and it is listed on the right side of the KAL main page.

Let's see our understanding of the Leaf knitting symbols, in the chart bellow.

- Purl all the blank squares. (This is stated at the bottom of the chart)

- A blank region on the chart means just this : a blank region. No stitches there. Just ignore it.

Row 1: The Swimming Fish symbol is a twisted stitch. Knit through the back of the stitch.
Row 2: The same, if you work in the round. Otherwise purl through the back of the stitch.
Row 3: 2-st Left Cross
Row 4: Purl through the back
Row 5: K, Yo, K, YO, K
Row 7: Drop one stitch on a cable needle at the back, knit 5 stitches, purl the stitch from the cable needle
Row 9: K, Centered decrease, K
Row 11: Centered decrease
Row 13 : Drop one stitch at the back on a cable needle, K, Purl the stitch from the cable needle.

Centered decrease- slip two stitches together as if to knit, K next stitch, pass slipped stitches over that knit stitch.




And here is the result:

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Judith said...

very pretty!! I like the elongation of this, it's different than the usual leaf you see. Nice in the heavier yarn too! And *great* picture! I love being able to see such detail.