Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Book 11 Shawl #3

Silvia pointed out Nina's cry for help and asked if I could help her out, since I'm working on this shawl. (Which I still wish had, you know, a name. Or at least, a name I could interpret.)

Well, first, I don't read Japanese at all, so I've solely been working from the charts. Which means that, while it's possible the text says differently, I literally started by casting on 7 stitches and then just starting with Row 1 on the chart . . . knit, knit, YO, knit, YO, knit center stitch, YO, knit, YO, knit, knit.

The first chart is pretty self-explanatory . . . just knit straight across each row. The blank squares are stitches that don't exist yet (each row grows by four stitches).

The second chart is actually used 5 times, with one extra repeat section each time. (Currently, I'm on the third repeat.) Then, charts three and four are used one time, each.

Did this help? It's my first Japanese pattern, too, but I find it to be pretty much the same as any other triangular shawl lace chart I've done. There might be something I'm missing out of the text-instructions that I can't read, but . . . everything seems to be going smoothly.

You know, even if I haven't worked on it in a couple of weeks now, poor thing.



Anonymous said...

This shawl is taken from Marianne Knizel _First Book of Modern Lace Knitting_. It is a triangular adaption of the "Springtime" Design Afternoon Tea Cloth on pg. 87. It is obvious that it is the same just by looking at it, but someone else who compared the charts in detail said they were the same.

So if you have questions about this project, perhaps Kinzel's book would help. It is only $9.95 from Dover publications.

I cannot read the Japanese to know if they credit the source or if they had permission to copy. Makes me wonder how many of the other designs are from elsewhere.

Silvia said...

Deb, great explanation, thanks a lot.

Just to add a few things here:

Look the the row numbers on the right side of the charts - they will give you an indication of where to start.
You will start with the last chart printed on the page 43 ( for the first 4 stitches (out the the 7 you start with) then use the last chart on page 42 for the next 3 stitches. Read them from down-up.
Notice the grey column - it is the center stitch of your shawl.

Margaret said...

Hi Deb,

Your explanation is spot on.
I would just like to add that under chart 2, 3 & 4 you will see the start signs & *, they are the repeat stitches as we normally would have put a big thick square around the charts.

I could not find any name for the shawl, except that on the picture page stating this shawl is a Kunst knit based on "flower motif". Not sure if this makes any sense at all.

Silvia said...

The original in Marianne Kinzel's book is called Springtime shawl.

Found a pic here


And it looks to me it has the same cast on and border as the Flower Basket one.