Sunday, 26 August 2007

New to the Group

Hello everyone! I am new to the group and am also new to blogging. I am not sure of what I am suppose to do or write about. I would like for everyone to know that the sweaters displayed on the site are very beautiful, and I would like to start knitting some. Are there any suggestions for which books I should start out with to purchase? I am an intermediate knitter. I do some designing on my own by using the computer program called Sweater Wizard. I have several stitch pattern books and love looking through them to get ideas of stitch patterns I would like to incorporate into a sweater. Then I use Sweater Wizard and draft my pattern. It is great!. I want to make the white short-sleeve sweater that Silvia made as my first.

Jo Anne


Silvia said...

Hi Jo Anne,
and welcome to the group.
I would highly recommend the Knitting patterns 250 book - it has most of the stitch patterns from previous numbers of 'Let's knit series' and most of them are very nice. Another one I like is Let's knit series #11 - which has a great pattern on the cover (and that;'s going to be my next challange soon :)).
You can browse a few old numbers online as well - just follow the links from the side bar.
I would say all patterns are feasable - I don't belive in knitting 'levels' - I would rather say if you can knit and purl (and swatch! :)) you can definetely knit anything.

best wishes and good luck,

Jo Anne said...

Thank you Silvia for your suggestions. I have placed an order through Yesasia for the United States for several of the books. They will not arrive until towards the end of September. Once I get them, I will get started. Jo Anne

Ruth said...

There are also 2 different books, both with the title: 300 patterns. The patterns seem to be a bit less complex than 250 patterns.

Anonymous said...

I would like to join this group! I am a starter of Japanese knitting and live in the Netherlands.

Mijn email:

greetings, Nicky

Jo Anne said...

Ruth, thank you for your suggestion about the other 2 stitch pattern books. I will check these out. I am sorry I haven't gotten back with you. I've been waiting for my 250 stitch pattern book and some other Let's Knit series. I just got them and am trying to knit the beautiful sweater Silvia knitted.

Thank you again, Jo Anne

Kiri said...

Well said.