Monday, 30 May 2011

Crescent Moon Shawl or The Beginning of a New Era

When I've started this blog I only had Japanese knitting (and Japanese knitting symbols) in mind, as I could only knit.
Terrible limitation, now that I've discovered the new world of crochet :), decided to extend the scope a bit more.

This is my first crochet project ever and it has been really easy. If you're reading this and still not sure if you want to try crochet, please do: nothing has been so pleasantly rewarding in a long time. (I know, I should get a life :)).

Anyway, ladies, here it is, the Crescent Moon shawl:

The pattern is extensivly described on Ravelry:

and the yarn I've used is Noro silk garden sock, colourway : 245, a bit less than 2 balls.

Worth mentioning: there is a very helpful discussion in the Japanese forum around the chart symbols which will help any total beginner. (Search the forum for 'Crescent moon shawl').

Over to you to publish your latest Japanese project ! (see, I'm not saying 'knitting project' anymore :)


Irene said...

I am so glad that you are back!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen better than this site.

Silvia said...

Hi Irene, I'm so glad people are still reading this blog :).

best wishes, Silvia

Irene said...

Hi Silvia, I check every day! I find your blog a very helpful resource.

Coco said...

Your shawl is very beautiful ! I love it !

Leslie D. said...

Hi - Your shawl turned out beautifully! You mention that the pattern is described on Ravelry, but I can only find people talking *about* the shawl, not offering any real hints on how to make the shawl. I tried ordering the book on, but I was redirected to secondary book seller sites that seemed to assume I was in Japan (no apparent international shipping). At any rate, if you know of a discussion forum or elsewhere on Ravelry that gives some tips on how to do the pattern, I'd love help finding it. I seem to have read all of the forums without any luck. Thanks! Sorry to be a pain! - Leslie ("CocoLauter" on Ravelry)

CHULALA said...

wondered where u went..anyhu good thing that your back and as alwys love your blog.