Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Vintage Knitting in Tradition

Remember the famous Am Kamin sweater and the acorn leaf motif ?
Well, Shimada Toshiyuki is out with a new book.
Arans, shawls, fair isle, a bohus style sweater and the acorn leaf slightly modified.
Click on the image bellow in order to browse a few pages on Amazon Japan.

The book is available in YesAsia, as well, at this address.

There are a few mistakes in this edition, an but there is an errata available in pdf format.


fleegle said...

I can't find any link for Amazon and you didn't post an ISBN...

Silvia said...

Hi Fleegle,
The image itself is the link.
Click anywhere in the square with the book image (on the image or on the link or on the button which says amazon.co.jp ) and this will take you to the book.
hope this helps,