Tuesday, 6 November 2007

250 Knitting Patterns Book - Part 1

More on the topic of deconstructing Japanese knitting symbols.

The symbols bellow are from 250 Knitting Patterns Book, which is gathering lots of patterns from the Let's Knit Series books.

I will use the 'translations' provided by the KnittinginJapan group members, your comments and any other contributions I will obtain further. (So don't think it's me being very smart :)).

The numbers on top of the symbols refer to the pattern number in the book.

003 Procedure from itsacardigan:
right to left: o/ slip stitch 1 to cable needle, hold at back, knit stitch 2, yo k3t it's that funky centered k3t; you want to position the stitches so that the center stitch is on top. so, slip stitch 3 from left to right needle, slip stitch on cable needle (stitch 1) onto right needle, slip next stitch (stitch 4) onto cable needle, hold at front. you now have stitch 5 remaining on the left needle. slip stitch 1 from right to left needle, then slip stitch 3 from right to left needle, k3t\o yo and knit stitch 4 from cable needle.


At a first glance the symbols involve a decrease (stitches no 1 and 3 merge together) - a twisted stitch (knit through the back loop) and an yo.

093 - 1 Procedure by Neel:

Slip one stitch to Cable Needle and hold back, Knit one stitch Through Backloop (right slanted 'fish' along the front), Yarn Over, Knit one stitch and Pass Slipped Stitch (of the cable needle)

093 - 2 Procedure by Neel:

Slip stitch, Slip stitch to Cable Needle and keep in front, Knit Slipped stitch Together with next one on left needle(k2tog), Yarn Over, Knit stitch on Cable Needle Through Backloop (left slanted 'fish' along the front).


Madelynn said...

Thank you for doing this- I love my #250 book and I am thrilled at the discussions going on\Madelynn, Roslyn Hts NY

Alice said...

I've been searching for an english translation of these symbols for months!!! This book has been idle on my bookshelf just because I could not figure out the japanese. Please keep up the translation effort!

Beltane Stitch said...

thank you, 1000 merci